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SwitchboardFREE - Virtual Business Numbers

Whether you require a telephone number as your main business contact number, or a variety of numbers for your call centre’s various departments, SwitchboardFREE can provide it all. With a range of professional tools included within each package, you can ensure that you will always find a perfect fit for your business. Built in reporting tools allow you to monitor how many calls you are receiving, any missed calls, and what your busiest hours are, all with a click of a button. Access statistics on any promotional campaigns you are running to see which is generating the best return for you.

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Data Soap - Data Validation & Bulk SMS Marketing

Quickly clean your customer data either directly from your website, or with our drag-and-drop portal.
Swiftly validate any type of phone number plus email & postal addresses directly from your leadgen pages or customer list.
Instantly screen numbers against the Telephone Preference Service (TPS & CTPS) register before you call them.
Easily manage opt-out lists (Do Not Call) from our automated portal.
Save money once you’re squeaky clean by using our new SMS system. Create campaigns & send or schedule your texts with ease, straight from your Data Soap account.

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